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Sjællandsk Rengøring A/S is a family owned company which was founded in 1985. Today we employ more than 150 employees and give service to more than 300 companies, some weekly and others on a daily basis.
With more than 30 years of experience we have the skill to handle your cleaning no matter if it is a couple of times a week, daily cleaning, main cleaning or window cleaning.
We have specialized in the following areas of interest:
- Business cleaning
- School cleaning
- Window cleaning
- Polishing of floors to protect and ease cleaning of linoleum floors
- Linen delivery (Toiletpaper, paper towels, soap and tsimilar products.
Business cleaning can be anything from 100 sqm. to 10.000 sqm. no matter if it is schools, institutions, industry or shops.If you havee an office, we take care of the cleaning.
Many of our customers are also getting the windows cleaned and toiletpaper filled up. There are advantages of having one vendor for all the needs.
The old school
In our work we emphasize highly the old virtues like communication, good relationships both for employees and customers.
With us it is not necessary to go through several levels to speak to your inspector or executive director. We are only a call away. Or a visit if you desire so.
Good communication is of the uttermnost importance for a good cooperation and this is why we give it such a big importance.
We beliebve in that it lasts longer to treat customers, but also employees nively and correctly. This means that we of course also listens to our customers when there are new working plans or there are any needs to correct the cleaning. For the employees it means that we re-educate in new tools which help the employee to take care of the cleaning in the most gentle way with new cleaning materials.
Several surveys have shown that good service is a lacking ingredient in Denmark. But this is not going to be with us. We listen to our customers when they speak up and we will do what ever it takes to deliver good service.



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