Sjællandsk Rengøring A/S

Stabil erhvervsrengøring


Basic Rules

1) Lock all doors while you clean. Lock the door and put on the alarm when leaving.

2) Never let any other person in without it is cleared and approved by the office.

3) Never take anything with you home. This includes all from garbage bins and also around these.

4) Know and follow the working plan punctually.

5) Keep the cleaning room nice and tidy.

6) Keep a friendly and professional attitude towards the people you migh meet on the working place.

Sjællandsk Rengøring A/S

Hovedvejen 208, 2600 Glostrup

Tlf: 32-841001 ml 9-15

mail: info(at)

CVR  38271830



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CO 2 Positivt regnskab ved deltagelse i vind & solenergi, opvarming af kontorer træpiller.

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